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Mar 2016
29/03 Scotland vs Denmark 0:0 1-0 Scotland WIN
28/03 Ukraine vs Wales 0:1 1-0 Poland DRAW
26/03 Poland vs Finland 0:1 5-0 Poland WIN
25/03 Ireland vs Switzerland 0:0 1-0 Ireland WIN
23/03 Croatia vs Israel 0:1 1/4 2-0 Israel LOSE
20/03 Sampdoria vs Chievo 0:1/2 0-1 Chievo WIN
19/03 Deportivo La Coruna vs Levante UD 0:1/2 1-0 Deportivo La Coruna WIN
18/03 Olympique de Marseille vs Stade Rennais 0:1/2 2-5 Olympique de Marseille LOSE
17/03 Bayer 04 Leverkusen vs Villarreal CF 0:1/2 0-0 Villarreal CF WIN
16/03 Bayern Munchen vs Juventus 0:1 1/4 2-2 Juventus WIN
15/03 Atletico de Madrid vs PSV Eindhoven 0:1 1/2 0-0 PSV Eindhoven WIN
13/03 Palermo vs Napoli 1 1/2:0 0-1 Napoli LOSE
12/03 Darmstadt 98 vs Augsburg 0:0 2-2 Darmstadt 98 DRAW
11/03 Juventus vs Sassuolo 0:1 1/4 1-0 Sassuolo WIN
10/03 Borussia Dortmund vs Tottenham Hotspur 0:1 3-0 Borussia Dortmund WIN
08/03 Wolfsburg vs KAA Gent 0:1 1-0 Wolfsburg DRAW
06/03 Atalanta vs Juventus 1:0 0-2 Juventus WIN
05/03 Chelsea vs Stoke City 0:1 1-1 Chelsea LOSE
04/03 SM Caen vs AS Monaco 1/4:0 2-2 SM Caen WIN
02/03 Liverpool vs Manchester City 0:0 3-0 Manchester City LOSE
01/03 Atletico de Madrid vs Real Sociedad 0:1 3-0 Atletico de Madrid WIN
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